Short stories by Lazarus Carpenter

From ‘Pablo the Provider of Pixie Picnic Parcels packed with Poached Parsnip Pie Products’ :

“Priscilla was the Pixie Post Person and every day she would fly all the way from high up in the forest roof of the oak tree down, down to the very bottom where the forest floor was green and strewn with lichen.”

Morris the Mole an illustration for a short children’s story written by Lazarus Carpenter.
“At the same time as Priscilla the pixie post person was flying down and round the old oak tree, Morris the mole was making a pot of nettle tea.”

To anybody watching Pablo ‘ the provider of pixie picnic parcels packed with poached parsnip pie products’ jumping up and down, shouting so loudly in such a beautiful garden, would be scratching their heads appearing to be very pixie puzzled. Indeed the toadstool house and the flowers winked at each other because they knew what was wrong with him, it happened all the time.

Any other pixie trying to attract Pablo ‘the provider of pixie picnic parcels packed with poached parsnip pie products’ attention, must firstly make it very obvious that they wish to speak to him. They might do this by grabbing Pablo’s sleeve and tugging at it or by jumping up and down in front of him and shouting ‘Pablo’ very loudly indeed.

Pablo the pixie’s picnic parcels packed with poached parsnip pie products

A very superior looking pixie dressed in a cloak of forest green with leaf shoes on his pixie feet stood on the mushroom stage in front of Toadstool Town Hall.

As Pablo arrived at Tullulah’s cottage, he could see that she was washing the windows with her magic cleaning wand.

A very large birthday card popped out of the envelope. It was his pixtieth birthday.

In celebration of his birthday and to say thank you to all of the other pixies throughout the forest kingdom, he threw a great party and invited everybody, including Priscilla the Pixie Post Person and Morris the Mole but the guest of honour was, of course, none other than Tullulah the Fairy and her magic ‘party’ wand..