Greeting cards

Blank for you own message, individually wrapped to include envelope

Cards are £2 each, inclusive of postage and packing.

Please email me at with your order, using the code beside each card, or message via my Facebook page – Debbie Eve Illustrator.

Taken from ‘Pablo the Provider of Pixie Picnic Parcels packed with Poached Parsnip Pie Products’, a short children’s story written by Lazarus Carpenter:

Code GCTF9

Code GCTF1

Code GCTF2

Code GCTF3

Code GCTF4

Code GCTF5

Code GCTF6

Code GCTF7

Code GCTF8

Taken from ‘Crach Finnant – The Prophecy’ written by Lazarus Carpenter:

Code GCP1

Code GCP2

Code GCP3

Code GCP4

Code GCP5

Code GCP6

Code GCP7

Code GCP8

Taken from ‘Crach Finnant – Rise of the Dragon’ written by Lazarus Carpenter

Code GCRD1

Code GCRD2

Code GCRD3

Code GCRD4

Code GCRD5

Code GCRD6

Taken from ‘Ravens and Dragons’ written by Lazarus Carpenter

Code RAD1





Taken from ‘Llewellyn’ a children’s story written in verse by Pete Braven:

Code GCL1

Code GCL2

Code GCL3

Code GCL4

Code GCL5