Greeting cards

Blank for you own message, individually wrapped to include envelope

Cards are £2 each, inclusive of postage and packing.

Please email me at with your order, using the code beside each card, or message via my Facebook page – Debbie Eve Illustrator.

Taken from ‘Pablo the Provider of Pixie Picnic Parcels packed with Poached Parsnip Pie Products’, a short children’s story written by Lazarus Carpenter:

Code GCTF9

Code GCTF1

Code GCTF2

Code GCTF3

Code GCTF4

Code GCTF5

Code GCTF6

Code GCTF7

Code GCTF8

Taken from ‘Crach Finnant – The Prophecy’ written by Lazarus Carpenter:

Code GCP1

Code GCP2

Code GCP3

Code GCP4

Code GCP5

Code GCP6

Code GCP7

Code GCP8

Taken from ‘Crach Finnant – Rise of the Dragon’ written by Lazarus Carpenter

Code GCRD1

Code GCRD2

Code GCRD3

Code GCRD4

Code GCRD5

Code GCRD6

Taken from ‘Llewellyn’ a children’s story written in verse by Pete Braven:

Code GCL1

Code GCL2

Code GCL3

Code GCL4

Code GCL5