Crach Ffinnant – Volume II – Rise of the Dragon

Ch 10 RD colour

A huge eagle perched majestically on a branch, a branch that was alive and twitching. The Ancient Tree Folk were here too.

Ch 1 RD Shaded

The dragons were just a little too large to sit at the table, so they folded enormous wings into their sides and squatted down at the end.


Beneath an open window, the hidden shadow emerged from the bushes. The shadow of a man, short and stubby in stature, spread across the lawn in the moonlight. Within three steps the shadow transformed from man to raven. The huge black bird flew upwards towards the full face of the moon.

Ch 3 RD

Carron flew down, leaving his comrades deep in debate. Alighting on my shoulder, the huge bird stuck his beak in my ear and whispered.

Ch 4 RD

He reined in his horse, jumped from the saddle with sword drawn and blade clashed against blade as he defended himself against an English soldier.

Ch 5 RD

The Earl of Usk sat opposite, chained to a chair and stripped to the waist with a gag in his mouth.

Ch 6 RD

There, on the ledge, the eggs sat on cave moss where they had laid for over a hundred years.

Ch 7 RD

Suddenly, whoosh! A crossbow bolt flew through the window piercing a chair, splitting the wood with such force and ending its flight passing through candles, bouncing off the stone wall next to the fireplace.

Ch 8 RD

As soon as my feet were off the ground, I sped through the portal as if carried on the wind. Visions appeared and disappeared in the corner of my eyes, lost in the mist, the mists of time.

Ch 9 RD

Winchester instinctively ducked and stepped back as he spoke, which was just as well for him as when Henry heard his answer, he lashed out blindly with his fists flying into empty air.

Ch 10 RD

Standing over the wooden chest, I opened the lid and saw gold, so much gold coin.

Ch 11 RD

Holding a coin in the palm of my hand, I scraped the blade across its face.

Ch 12 RD

Her old fingers, long, slender, dirty and stained, bade him accept the gift.

Ch 13 RD

It stood precariously on inexperienced legs, fluttered tiny wings for the first time, and raising its snout, sniffed the air.


In the makeshift dock stood the prisoners, secured in manacles and chains. Lord Usk was crumpled against the dock, almost unable to stand on his own, a broken arm hanging uselessly at his side.

Ch 15RD

He sat down on the ground with a thump and in no time was covered by tiny dragons leaping on and off his shoulders, nipping his ears and pulling his hair.

Ch 16 RD colour

Owain’s words trailed off as the wagon and soldiers moved off at the trot, leaving Owain, Tudur and myself standing in a cloud of dust.

Ch 17 RD

As I pondered on the question, the wolf sat up and yipped, lifting a huge paw and placing it on my shoulder. Leaning his large head to my face, the wolf licked and nibbled playfully on my chin before sitting down again.

Ch 18 RD

He stood from the table and hurled the half empty goblet, which narrowly missed Essex and smashed against the wall, its contents raining to the floor.

Ch 19 RD

Wolf and I watched quietly as a nymph-like shape stepped from behind the shadows of the rock.

Ch 20 RD

Wolf had returned to sleep, laying on his back with legs in the air, snoring.

Ch 21 RD

Scribbling script, legible only to its author, onto parchment laying on the table next to the bowl, Erasmus sighed, lifting an aged head.

Ch 22 RD (3)

It was fully dark now and only the sounds of the night playing with a crackling fire filled the ether.

Ch 23 RD

He is at the Blue Stones on the Tor at Glastonbury.

Ch 24 RD

A stone seal, bearing the Royal Crest, flew through the air and narrowly missed the frightened Page, but bounced off the door and struck a wolfhound sleeping by the fire. It gave a quick yelp of shock, leapt up on four very long legs and ran out of the study, bumping into the fleeing Page before disappearing.

Ch 25 RD

From where I lay, the contour of the ground concealed me from the view of the soldiers but not from the inquisitive mare walking slowly towards me with head low, sniffing the ground.

Ch 26 RD

Crouching upon her shoulder, it sprung upwards, spread tiny flapping wings again and squawked several times.

Ch 27 RD

Tudur grabbed my shoulders and shook me in welcome, followed by an embrace that smothered my head in his belly.

Ch 28 RD

Now is the time. Rise, Prince of Dragons!”  I was deafened by the applause and cheering that followed.

Ch 29 RD

Hang on Dwarf, we fly!”

Ch 30 RDFront cover planned for Rise of the Dragon

Front Cover RD

and the rear

Back Cover RD