Press release – 3rd November 2018


Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy: Cinematic, Award-Winning Fantasy Novel Brings Wales’ “Forgotten Hero” Back to Life

Lazarus Carpenter’s ‘Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy’ takes readers from 1375-1398, as they walk alongside Ffinnant himself; a dwarf, prophet and seer to Owain Glyndwr – the nation’s greatest hero. From magic and dragons to a unique fusion of fact and fiction, it’s no wonder Carpenter’s creation has recently won a coveted U.S. publishing deal. One critic wrote, “What an engaging and hypnotic tale, Crach Ffinnant a wonderful hero .. well remembered!”


Lazarus Carpenter


Telephone: 01639 699388


United Kingdom – For those who love or live in Wales, Owain Glyndŵr (a Welsh ruler and the last native Welshman to hold the title Prince of Wales) is considered their most cherished hero. However, few if any people know the story of Crach Ffinnant, one of Glyndŵr’s closest prophets and seers.

However, writer Lazarus Carpenter is bringing Ffinnant out from under the rug of time, in ‘Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy’. While inherently a fantasy novel, the book melds its story with a heavy dose of Welsh folklore.


‘Crach Ffinnant’ The Prophecy”—It’s 1375 and the Welsh people have been “long chastised, ridiculed and ruled by the English…their hearts, heavy with doom. A great prince is waiting in the wings, not yet ready to rule but well placed to do so. He knows not at this time the destiny written for him but will awaken to come forth when the heavens decree, leading the down-trodden people to freedom.” A dwarf named Crach listens respectfully as his master relates the prophecy but wonders what it has to do with him, “a small man in a much bigger world!” That’s when his master, an aging wizard named Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd tells Crach his apprenticeship of ten years is over and he must go on a long journey to the land of the accursed English where he will ultimately serve the future prince of Wales and fulfill his destiny according to the prophecy. Crach panics and protests.

Calm yourself, Crach,” Master spoke softly. “Do you honestly think I would send you on such a journey without all that you need to do what you must do? Keep your eyes on the heavens. A solution exists for every problem and it’s always a simple one. Justice always prevails. It is the way of all things!”

According to what we know, Crach Ffinnant did in fact live back in the middle ages,” explains the author. “His story is fascinating, takes readers on a journey through Wales at one of its most pivotal times, and even provides a deeper understanding of the life of Owain Glyndŵr. For anyone who is Welsh, or obsessed with Celtic folklore, the book and its upcoming series will make for powerful, compelling reading.”

Continuing, “Things have got off to a great start. Words Matter Publishing, based in the United States, ran a competition last year – with a publishing deal as the prize. Of course, I entered, but didn’t hold up high hopes due to the sheer number of authors I found myself competing with. Can you believe how gobsmacked I was when I discovered I’d won?! This, along with my fans calling for Hollywood to sit up and sharpen their pencils, makes me very excited.”

Reviews have been glowing. One Amazon customer comments, “This book reflects the time, effort and dedication put into it to bring the book to readers and that gives me such a warm feeling. I honestly am marking this Author, my new ‘to follow author.’ Not only does his heart and soul reflect in this book, but in a world where good books and fantastic reads are lost under piles of junk, this was honestly such a pleasure to find. An absolute treasure to have Crach Ffinnant in my library collection.”

Another adds, “Absolutely loved this book. My daughter really enjoyed it too. Can’t wait for the next one!”

Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy’ is available now:

For more information, visit the author’s official website:

About the Author:

I have lived in Wales, for over twenty five years. Born in North Yorkshire, I now spend my time as an actor, musician, song writer and author, previously being a therapist, trainer and researcher, specialising in mental health. I was educated in Middlesbrough, Sheffield and Cambridge. With a fascination for Welsh History, I like to create worlds within worlds; magical, haunting with spirituality permeating sound moral codes of life. I live quietly with Debbie Eve and our dogs, Hennie and Noodle in a small cottage surrounded by the beauty of the Brecon Beacons in the Valleys of South Wales.

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