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I offer hand generated images for either children’s or adults’ books.  I work in several mediums, ink, graphite pencil, acrylic paint, felt tip pens, or a combination of each.

My projects to date are:

‘The Ballad of Penygraig’ – written by Lazarus Carpenter

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Published 2015 by Lulu Press

The year is 1850 and valleys of South Wales caught in the midst of The Industrial Revolution are buzzing and humming with life. Not content with their respective jobs as an Under-Gamekeeper and Iron Worker, Morgan Lewis and Dai Davies had other things in mind. A verbal contract to poach His Lordship’s game broken, a mass of intrigue, greed and violence stunned and shocked a whole community. Two families torn apart, but why?”

Ballad of Penygraig – written by Lazarus Carpenter

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‘Crach Finnant – The Prophecy – Volume I’ – written by Lazarus Carpenter

Published 2018 by Words Matter Publishing

Crach Ffinnant -The Prophecy”—It’s 1375 and the Welsh people have been “long chastised, ridiculed and ruled by the English…their hearts, heavy with doom. A great prince is waiting in the wings, not yet ready to rule but well placed to do so. He knows not at this time the destiny written for him but will awaken to come forth when the heavens decree, leading the down-trodden people to freedom.” A dwarf named Crach listens respectfully as his master relates the prophecy but wonders what it has to do with him, “a small man in a much bigger world!” That’s when his master, an aging wizard named Llwyd ap Crachan Llwyd tells Crach his apprenticeship of ten years is over and he must go on a long journey to the land of the accursed English where he will ultimately serve the future prince of Wales and fulfill his destiny according to the prophecy. Crach panics and protests.

Calm yourself, Crach,” Master spoke softly. “Do you honestly think I would send you on such a journey without all that you need to do what you must do? Keep your eyes on the heavens. A solution exists for every problem and it’s always a simple one. Justice always prevails. It is the way of all things.”

Crach Ffinnant – The Prophecy – Volume I – written by Lazarus Carpenter

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‘Crach Ffinnant – Rise of the Dragon – Volume II’ – written by Lazarus Carpenter

Ch 17 RD

I hesitate to say too much, suffice to say all will be revealed in the fullness of time. So this dwarf errs on the side of caution as all good magicians do. But here a scene from Book Two Crach Ffinnant Rise of the Dragon… to whet your appetite methinks! And as you will see once again.. justice prevails.”

The large golden eye staring at who knows what, flickered in the firelight, his whole body twitched and the sleeping eye awoke. He twitched again, lifted his head and sneezed. Fortunately for us we were not sat in the danger area as he sneezed. Unfortunately for Carron and Wolf, they were. Carron flew through the air, wings totally useless in this sneeze breeze, tumbling and turning, rolling over wolf’s back. Wolf tried to keep his balance but even his great bulk gave up to the onslaught, as sliding on to his side in a rather ungainly manner for an animal so regal, he was blown along the ground.  Suddenly the sneeze created wind dissipated and wolf’s slide came to a halt. Carron still in the air, skilfully flapped his wings, curved a swerve and regaining control, alighted on a nearby tree. The big black raven shook his whole-self several times. Looking like a big ball of swirling feathers the moonlight gave him the appearance of something, not of this earth. Wolf regained his composure after a good shake and a cursory glance of disapproval towards Tan-y-Mynedd. Of course the great reptile thought it was all very funny. I have to admit, it was. Faerydae still sniggering tried to say something but when Carron lost his balance and fell out of the tree, we all laughed so loudly and uncontrollably, we could have woken the dead. My poor old friend Carron was not so amused and strutted around the tree pecking at the trunk, as if it was this ancient oak’s responsibility for the fall. He was just about to give another good peck, when a branch fell off the tree narrowly missing the raven who shocked, took off and flew high up in to the sky circling above us all screeching loudly into the night. We four, faerie, dragon, wolf and dwarf howled with laughter.

Eventually calm returned as did silence and even Carron came back, non-the worse for wear. I have told you before, to be in the way of a great dragon’s sneeze is indeed a most perilous place to be.

Rise of the Dragon

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‘Llewellyn (with Battibat and Sleepiehoo)’ – Currently being written by P Braven

2 Battibat Castle Passage

A charming and amusing children’s story written in verse:

‘Hey Sleepiehoo!” squeaked Battie,

I’ve found something you just have to see!”

Sleepiehoo, the tawny owl,

Was never easily impressed.

Oh, really?” he replied.

Yes, really!” Battie squeaked,

In the castle, deep inside!”

And what exactly is it then?

And why should I be interested?”

It’s a giant golden egg!” squeaked Battie

That made the big owl turn his head,

You found a WHAT?” he said